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    • Death Valley Road-Condition vom 05..08.2017:

      It's been quite the Monsoon Season! Here are our latest road condition updates:

      Roads CLOSED due to recent storms:
      North Highway (Scotty's Castle Road) closed just north of 190
      Ubehebe Crater Road
      Mesquite Spring Campground
      West Side Road
      Harry Wade Road
      Devil's Golf Course Road
      Mosaic Canyon Road

      Badwater Road, OPEN from Hwy 190 to Badwater, CLOSED from Badwater to Hwy 127

      Lower Wild Rose Road is still open!
    • Death Valley Road Conditions vom 16. August:

      Harry Wade Road is now OPEN. 4WD and high clearance required due to deep sand.
      West Side Road is now OPEN. 4WD recommended.

      Titus Canyon Road is CLOSED due to impassable washout near Leadfield.

      The following remain closed after recent storms:
      Big Pine/Death Valley Road
      Mesquite Spring Campground

      Scotty's Castle Road/North Highway: Closed into Grapevine Canyon (Bonnie Claire Road) due to flood damage. No access to Scotty's Castle or NV-267.
      Keane Wonder Road and Mine: Closed due to mine safety hazards.
    • Gerade mal den NPS angeschrieben und sofort eine Antwort bekommen, bin gerade ganz begeistert aufgrund dieses schnellen Services!

      Meine Frage war, ob die TCR wohl am 12. September wieder offen sein würde.


      Greeting from Death Valley!
      Hello! I would image that Titus Canyon Road will be open by that time as long as we don't have rain around the 12th. "
    • Paria Movie Set ist die Zufahrt zu!
      2008: USA: Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Chicago
      2013: USA: Südwestrundreise - 2014: Jordanien
      2015: USA : Las Vegas - Yellowstone - Moab - Lake Powell Hausboot - Antelope - Las Vegas
      2015/2016: USA 19.Dezember - 03.Januar; San Francisco Umgebung
      2016: Chicago - Badlands - Black Hills - Moab - Torrey - Escalante - Bryce - Zion - Las Vegas
      2017: Seattle - Oregon - Lake Powell Hausboot - Torrey - Las Vegas
    • WeKa schrieb:

      aber die Geschichte mit der Brücke ist wohl schlimmer.
      Die Brücke wird bis Ende September wohl wieder befahrbar sein, aber....

      HIGHWAY 1 UPDATE – Monday, August 28:
      Highway 1 in Monterey County continues to provide 35 total miles of Hwy. 1 to the public from south of Gorda (PM 10) to just south of Pfeiffer Canyon (PM 45.5), accessible only via Nacimiento-Fergusson Road. State Route 1 remains closed from north of Salmon (just south of the Ranger Station (PM 3) to just south of Gorda (PM 10) due to the Mud Creek event. State Route 1 south of Salmon Creek is accessible via State Route 1 in San Luis Obispo County, past Ragged Point to Salmon Creek.
      REMINDER: Travelers CANNOT travel the entire length of Highway 1, but local businesses are open on both sides of the closure points at Pfeiffer Canyon and Salmon Creek.
      Mud Creek (PM 8.9)
      Mud Creek had a major slide on Saturday, May 20, 2017, losing 5 million cubic yards of material. Caltrans continues with its plan to realign the existing terrain. A tentative cost and timeline are targeted to be announced next week. The roadway remains impassable.
      There is no public access through the Mud Creek area as this is an active construction zone.
      Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6)
      Paul’s Slide continues to provide access to the public 24/7, with one-way reversing traffic control with flaggers.
      Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge [PCB] (PM 45.52)
      · The bridge launching over the canyon took place last week. Removal of the tower grillage and construction the cribbage at the abutments is next, in preparation for the lowering of the girders to follow.
      Caltrans reminds motorists to move over and slow down when driving through highway work zones.
      For more information on this project and for traffic updates on other Caltrans projects in Monterey County, residents can call the District 5 toll freenumber at 1-831-423-0396 or can visit our website at:


      Leave nothing but footprints
      take nothing but Pictures
      kill nothing but time
    • desert-Gerd schrieb:

      Death Valley Road Conditions vom 24. August:

      Big Pine/Death Valley Road is now open!

      Geschlossen sind noch:
      • Titus Canyon Road: Closed due to flood damage.
      • Mesquite Spring Campground: Closed due to flood damage.
      • Scotty's Castle Road/North Highway: Closed into Grapevine Canyon (Bonnie Claire Road) due to flood damage. No access to Scotty's Castle or NV-267.
      • Keane Wonder Road and Mine: Closed due to mine safety hazards.
    • I-84 ist in der Columbia River Gorge immer noch gesperrt. Richtung Westen soll er irgendwann nächste Woche wieder geöffnet werden, Richtung Osten dauern die Aufräumarbeiten noch länger.
      Der Historic Highway ist dagegen noch wesentlich länger gesperrt. Da ist noch kein Datum in Aussicht. Der ist eventuell noch bis ins nächste Jahr dicht.
    • Neu

      Auf dem Generals Hwy 190 im Sequoia National Park wird von Three Rivers aus kommend zwischen Parkeingang und Abzweig Moro Rock gebaut.
      Teils fehlt die komplette linke Fahrbahn.
      Einspurige Stecke mit Ampelanlage. Recht großes Teilstück.

      Zwischen 20 und 40 Minuten Wartezeit sollte man einplanen.
      Es wird immer das, was man daraus macht .
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